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Interview Workshop - 11th September

In the build-up to the interviews that will follow later this term and next term, the Socratic club Workshop allowed our members to focus on the key skills required, with top tips for making the most of the interview opportunity.

We looked at:

Core Questions

School Specific Questions

Problem Solving/Philosophical & Critical Thinking Questions

Current Affairs Questions

Group Interview debating

We also discussed the process of working through an Unseen example, in this case the abdication note of Edward VIII.

Our recommendations to our members from this session is to look at personalising answers as much as possible, avoid the need for prompting and look at what they can't do now that they would like to do at the prospective school in question. Saying a school has 'great facilities' is fine, but doesn't take one very far - instead, focus on what 'you' the interviewee would like to do there - bring out your passions and interests.

We also spent sometime considering questions to ask of the interviewer. This can be important, particularly if one has missed out on being able to mention a key skill or talent in the interview.

Finally, we emphasised the need to stay up to date with current affairs, and in this our debating sessions can help to keep students fully prepped for news-style questions.

We will be hosting a further interview workshop on 27th November (In Person & via zoom) at 10.30am; and in response to demand more details will follow on another interview zoom workshop later this Michaelmas term.

Well done all attendees last Sunday - a really impressive start!

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