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Interview Workshop & Group Debating - 14th January

This week we held a further Interview Workshop for our members with so many interviews around the corner. As with past workshops, this functioned as both a standalone session, but also a follow-up to those of last term.  It was an excellent group setting and important for group assessments/interviews and also zoom interviews that are frequently part of the process now. We were again very impressed with the contributions from the group, their concentration, attention to detail and the speed with which they took on new points/guidance. 

We covered:

  • Core questions

  • 'Why School?' questions

  • Negative questions, e.g. 'what do you find most challenging at school' and how to pivot on the 'challenge' and turn this into a positive response; and 'if you could give up a subject at school, what would that be?' - and with the focus/idea of taking up a new subject. 

  • Philosophical thinking, Current affairs and Debating problems  - from the Post Office Scandal to disruption of shipping in the Red Sea.

  • Unseen work: from paintings (on the subject of Oliver Cromwell) to and other texts/images (from London to maps of shipping lanes with key current affairs news included, such as the election in Taiwan).

  • Group interview questions.

  • & Questions for the interviewer.

As with our previous sessions we focussed on how to avoid prompting and crucially how to add detail to responses/answers with self promotion in mind. Again we reminded or introduced to the group the importance of mind-maps for personalisation. 

Top tips from the session:(i) Remember Author's name when discussing Reading Book.(ii) Keeping Positive throughout & Smiling.(iii) Why School? - with a personalised response - looking at specifics at the school relating to your favourite subjects/hobbies/interests etc. (iv) Keeping up with the news/current affairs between now and the interview.(v) Being proactive in a group interview setting.(vi) Thinking about a favourite object/award or achievement to talk about.(vii) Who is the Mayor of London? (Sadiq Khan) - and what would you do/change if you were the Mayor for a day?

Well done all!

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