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Knightsbridge School - 12th October

This was another excellent debating and interview club with Knightsbridge School. On skills this week, we focussed on teamwork and anticipating the arguments of the proposition and opposition. Well done all those incorporating the skills we have covered this term in their arguments.

As a warm-up we looked at the interview question: 'if you could travel in a time machine - where would you go and why?'

We had a tremendous set of responses, from those looking to travel to the past as well as the future, and from those wishing to view a moment in history and those wishing to intervene!

Likewise we turned to our usual newsround - and this included: the tragic and distressing conflict in Israel and Gaza, the war in Ukraine, earthquakes in Afghanistan and more local news with the Labour Party Conference.

Again well done to those engaged in current affairs.

Our two debating topics centred on:

(i) plans by Keir Starmer for doctors and nurses to work overtime at the weekend for more pay (but less than in the private sector); and

(ii) what to do with the waste from Fast Fashion - with items that are not biodegradable ending up in rubbish heaps in South America. More specifically - who is to blame? The Owner, the Fashion Company/Shop, or the Government? (or a combination of all three?)

The group voted overwhelmingly against the first motion on the basis that doctors and nurses are already overworked and the pay should be the same for those that took this up as in the private sector. Little changed at the second telling. It was impressive to see the Proposition argue with such conviction (even when thinking entirely differently) and raising the key points of waiting times and NHS backlog.

We will look in more detail next time on the second motion - the group was shocked with this, but could see little immediate progress available other than better recycling.

Looking forward to next week!

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