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St Andrew's School - 10th November

A great post-half term session involving a recapitulation of key skills:

  • Evidence, facts and Examples to make compelling arguments

  • Stories, to paint the picture and help resonate a point or argument with the audience - the example of adverts

  • Questions, particularly rhetorical to bring the audience on side

We were delighted with the way the group engaged with these points and used these skills in the debate that followed.

This week we turned to the COP27 conference and the motion:

'This House would have more developed countries pay less developed countries reparations for having done so much damage to the planet already'.

The group voted unanimously in favour of the motion in both tellings.

Arguments ranged from fairness to questions of affordability, corruption, making an immediate difference and the practicalities of such a scheme.

We particularly liked the encouraging way in which different speakers used stories to place themselves in the shoes of an LED country to bring the audience on side.

What's next?

We will be turning to summaries and conclusions next week, so that our speakers finish their debates as powerfully and as effectively as they are beginning them.

Well done all!

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