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St Andrew's School - 20th October

On a day of high political drama, we gathered to discuss the build up to the fall of Liz Truss, from sacking her chancellor to the resignation of the home secretary. It was super to see the well-informed nature of the group and their enthusiasm when it comes to questions and contributions.

A majority were in favour of the PMs resignation.

When asked who should replace Liz Truss, the group voted in larger numbers for the return of Boris Johnson, then Rishi Sunak and then out of the blue, a vote was cast for Theresa May! Let us see what happens in the coming days ...

Having reviewed the latest current affairs, we then turned to rhetorical questioning as the skill of the week and we were very pleased to see members of the group finding examples and ways of using this important debating and public speaking skill. We also discussed the format of debating with proposition and opposition sides.

We then turned to the debate of the day and whether this further change of leadership should lead to a General Election?

The arguments ranged from the need to create a fresh mandate, rather than a select group of MPs or just 180,000 Conservative members making the choice - to fear of further instability with yet more time taken to reach a decision. We were delighted to see many points building on those of others in the group.

In the end the group voted in favour of the whole country (electorate) being given a chance to express their opinion in a General Election and the proposition carried the day at the second telling.

Wishing everyone a very good half term break and we much look forward to the sessions in the second half of term!

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