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Summer Socratic Club Debating Competition & Certification - 14th July 2023

The Disraeli room at the Carlton club played host to a superb session of debating and public speaking for the Socratic Club Summer Competition.

From introductory questions and mock scenarios we looked at key debating skills covered this term before turning to our debate for the competition on the motion:

'This House thinks we have too much technology in our lives'.

Our judge for the debate looked for: interesting vocabulary, an ability to think on your feet, teamwork, POIs (both given and taken), sophisticated argumentation and evidence/stories/rhetorical questions to strengthen that argumentation. It was great to see such an impressive array of speeches - both on the proposition and opposition sides.

Many saw technology as vital to our way of life, essential to our education, with documentaries and zoom, and to the medical world (the covid vaccine for example) and something to be embraced; whilst others felt that 'screen time' and concerns already with social media showed that we had reached a peak limit for technology and this is already at too high a level.

We were delighted that our members performed impressively in the certification process, with merits and distinctions handed out across debating grade thresholds. Well done all!

We much look forward to our autumn debating competition.

Autumn Term Dates 2023

Debating Club

3rd September Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

10th September Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

24th September Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

8th October Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

5th November Socratic Club Workshop on English Language & Vocabulary ​(Junior and Senior) (11 am)

10th December Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

Workshops & Events

14th October Socratic Club Museum Tour (In Person) (Junior and Senior) (TBC)

19th November Socratic Club Interview Workshop & Group Debating (Junior and Senior) (11 am)

26th November Socratic Club Autumn Competition & Certification (In Person) (Junior and Senior) (TBC)

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