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WCCS - Debating & Interview Clubs review

With half term upon us, we are delighted to report on an excellent first half to the Michaelmas term of Debating & Interview clubs.

We have covered key skills from:

  • Presentation work

  • Classic interview questions (from subject specific to philosophical)

  • Body language

  • Active Listening

  • Conclusions & Summaries

  • Unseen work

  • Source Analysis of Paintings & Texts

  • Group debating/questions

  • Teamwork

  • Evidence & Stories

  • Rhetorical Questions

It has been great to see how the different groups have taken on these skills and applied them to their answers and arguments. In terms of debates, we have scrutinized challenging current affairs topics, including inter alia:

  • The Conservative leadership race/election

  • The Queen's funeral

  • Climate Change

  • The Cost of Living Crisis

  • Tax Cuts

  • Barrister and other strikes

In addition, we have reviewed paintings (from Constable to Picasso) and poems/texts (from Elizabeth I to William Blake) and covered philosophical subjects such as:

  • The merits of Art vs Science

  • John Stuart Mill's Socratic question, 'is it better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied'

  • Does Money make one Happy?

  • Is technology a help or a hindrance?

The progress across the field has been very encouraging and we are much looking forward to the second half of term.

Well done all!

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