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American School in London - 17th April

This was another excellent session with our Debating & Public Speaking Club at ASL.

On key skills we focussed on public speaking nerves and how best to tackle them via careful preparation, debate cards and body language techniques. 

As a warm-up and as part of our interview style questions we asked: 'If you could create a new business, what would it be and why?'

This saw a tremendous array of options from new tech start-ups to skincare companies, food Deliveroo services for schools, travel/holiday planning and IT support. 

Our newsround looked at events in the Middle East as well as the Government's proposed smoking ban being voted on in Parliament and how to measure success within a country - should it be on economic growth, GDP or via employment levels, or on how happy (in a Finland model) the population feels?

We then turned to our key debate on the motion: 

'This House would abolish cash'.

The group divided over the issue with arguments in favour of practicality, budgeting, travel; against those wishing to tackle crime and cash related fraud and tax avoidance.

The motion was rejected at the second telling by a significant margin. 

We had impressive contributions from across the floor, with special mention to PM of the week Rida. 

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