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Lissie Matts - History of Art

The Socratic club was extremely fortunate to have a talk from Lissie Matts on Sunday 28 November. This was a joint meeting of the club for both Junior and Senior groups. The focus of the session was on History of Art and how to assess an image, but the conversation went further and took our students through case studies that often come up at interview. It was a perfect preparation session for those about to do assessments and the group rallied superbly to the challenge. Questions were outstanding and we held the speaker over far longer than had originally been assigned.

Lissie took us through: Composition, Colour, Space, light, form, scale, Line and Pattern

Each section was illustrated with images and followed with Q&A, including on the spot discussion and quick fire questioning.

The session also had a history focus and as a warm-up we covered Holbein's famous Henry VIII and what that said of the monarch and of the changing nature of personality depiction in the Tudor age. As ever we were hugely impressed with the group.

Our next session is the final one for this term, with 11am for Junior and 4pm for Senior on Sunday 12 December. This is a bring a friend session and students are most welcome to bring a friend at no extra cost. Please let us know the name of the friend in advance.

Speaker Session Sunday 28 November, 4pm

History of Art, Sources and Evidence Work

We are delighted to welcome Lissie Matts to the Socratic Club for a joint meeting of the club and speaker session, focussing on Sources and History of Art.

Lissie teaches/specialises in History of Art. She fell in love with the subject on a History trip to Florence aged 17 and has never looked back.

Lissie will be taking us through unseen work and images and analyzing sources and evidence. This is particularly useful for upcoming interviews.

Brief Bio/CV:

· MA in History of Art at Edinburgh

· 1 yr at St Leonard’s School in St Andrews

· 2 yrs at St Mary’s School, Calne teaching Latin, Classics and as a Deputy Housemistress

· 6 yrs at St. Peter’s School, York (Times top independent school of the north in ‘19 and ‘20) Head of history of art, sent pupils to Oxbridge to study HoA, teacher of classics gcse (Class. Civ), deputy housemistress in boarding and day houses

· 1.5yrs at Surbiton High School. Head of History of art, teacher of history GCSE, Oxbridge mentor, EPQ teacher

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