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St Andrew's School - 27th November

We were hugely impressed with our St Andrew's Debating & Interview club on Monday with tremendous POIs, rebuttal and argumentation throughout. Well done all!

For our skill of the week we began by analysing unseen sources - in this case early paintings/images of Prince Albert and the royal family with Christmas trees. The group very quickly picked up on commercial, religious and royal themes. 

On the back of the conservation success story of the week with blue whales returning to the Seychelles we asked each member of the session what they could or would do to help with conservation? Answers ranged from changing travel patterns, to planting trees and recycling more.


Given the conservation theme, our debating topics of the week included the motions:

  • This House would not let the COP28 summit go ahead given the UAEs efforts to expand fossil fuel use as chair of the conference as reported by the BBC; and

  • This House believes that children have the right to protest. 

The group split evenly in voting for both motions, with many wanting more nuance to the motion, for instance yes to children protesting, but not whilst missing school. 

There was a widespread feel that whilst these climate summits are important, not enough has been achieved. There was a call from the session for more action and more change. 

It was great to see so many using rhetorical questions and widening their argumentation to reference points made by others during the session and in turn tackling issues with the motions put forward. 

Greatly looking forward to next week!

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