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St Andrew's School - 2nd February

Another very positive session today, I was extremely impressed by the energy of the group and quality of the arguments made by all participants.

We began by discussing how best to structure a debating speech effectively.

We followed this with a brief exercise in which students were encouraged to practice using the concepts discussed on a breadth of topics.

Following this we moved into our debate of the day, this week inspired by Rishi Sunak’s and the controversy around his lack of seatbelt in a recent video, we asked what to expect from a leader and do minor or personal errors hinder effective leadership?

I was extremely impressed by both quality of argumentation and the passion in which they were delivered, there were some extremely impressive performance all round and I was very pleased to see students using the skills we have discussed over the last few sessions. In our pre-debate poll students were fairly evenly divided on this topic, however, some strong debating from the opposition helped shift opinion towards the idea that even minor errors can have a detrimental impact on the ability of a leader to govern effectively.

As always we finished the session by encouraging students to give constructive and positive feedback to each other.

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