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St Andrew's School - 6th November

It was great to resume our sessions post half term with our Debating & Interview club at St Andrew's. This saw a fantastic display of points and questions. Our focus on skills this week turned to creating a list structure for presentations and argumentation - as much to help the audience, as the speaker. Well done those that then applied this to their debating in the session. Our warm up took the form of the interview question: 'what is your current reading book and why should one/we read it?' From Tolkien, to Rowling and Adams we had a tremendous reading list amongst the group and some exceptional vocabulary and justification for current choices. We then did a mini-review of various news and philosophical topics, from the continuing tragic conflict in Israel and Gaza, to Ukraine's leadership pleading for the media and world to not forget another ongoing war, to the Rugby Union World Cup and questions of the value of Culture and Art in society. On the back of 5 November, we debated whether 'Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night' still had value in the 21st century? Following both tellings the proposition (in favour of retaining the tradition) won out with a substantive majority - nevertheless some very fine opposition arguments widened the debate and context. Well done all! From health and safety, animal welfare, to history, tradition, economic benefits and potential carbon emission/pollution issues, the debate had it all and it was great that a number of speakers on both sides started to itemise structure/organise their points. In an ever recurring tradition we left the session with the debate and questions in full flow! Much looking forward to next week.

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