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St Philip's vs St Andrew's Michaelmas Socratic Debating Competition - 5th December

Our closing sessions of the term for St Philip's and St Andrew's combined in a debating competition via zoom. It was wonderful to see so many outstanding contributions from across both school clubs incorporating rebuttal, points of information, team work, active listening and rhetorical questions. From sophisticated opening statements, to keen interest across the floor, the debate was hard fought throughout and the summary speakers wrapped everything up with panache to end on a truly impressive note. 

Whilst St Andrew's began more assertively, St Philip's grew in confidence in the second half, thus making for a fascinating debate and incredibly difficult one to judge.

The motion: 'This House would ban fast food /& or limit the use of sugar in food in the UK'. 

Voting followed similar patterns to our discussions during the term - with the house more or less split on exactly what steps to take. Arguments took in inter alia the health of the nation/public health, the efficiency of the NHS, freedom of choice, the practicality of enforcement, single-use plastic, and jobs/economic impact. 

The final result: 'a dead heat' and 'honours even' with the Socratic cup awarded to both sides. 

Well done all! We much look forward to round 2 in 2024!

We greatly look forward to resuming our club sessions in the Lent half and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  

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