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WCCS vs St Philip's: Interschool Debating Competition - 30 June 2022

This was a high-powered debating competition, with some exceptionally eloquent speeches and compelling arguments and Points of Information (POIs). The group also provided some thought-provoking and measured judging of their own side as well as of the opposition.

Having prepared for the competition in two workshops we began by reminding the floor of the skills/items that score highly in debating competitions, including inter alia:

(i) Body language/posture

(ii) Rhetorical devises and questions

(iii) Teamwork

(iv) Politeness/Manners, particularly when disagreeing

(v) Structure

(vi) Evidence

The first motion was on the more philosophical debate (on the back of the topical Queen's historic Platinum Jubilee) - asking whether 'This House would prefer a monarchy to a republic?'

Voting: WCCS voted overwhelmingly against the motion - a near total vote for republicanism; whilst St Philip's voted comprehensively for monarchy.

- the voting remained consistent in the second telling.

St Philip's took the role of the proposition; WCCS the opposition in the debate.

We were impressed with the level of argumentation, the complexity of the points raised and the eloquent delivery of many of the speeches. Although St Philip's had/presented some of the more interesting evidence and facts, in this first debate, WCCS spoke with greater confidence and in a more compelling manner.

The judges found in favour of WCCS, with a marginal win in the the 1st debate.

The second motion was from the classic current affairs motion, on government legislation around electric cars - 'This House would implement the ban in 2030 on the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars'.

Voting: Here the voting did not go along school lines, but was rather split, with just a narrow majority in favour of the ban.

WCCS took the role of proposition; St Philip's the opposition in the second debate.

This debate saw better teamwork and some excellent summary speeches with many presenting points in bullet point format, backed up by supporting evidence.

In a reverse of the first round, St Philip's spoke with more confidence, even if WCCS had the slightly more interesting facts and points. As before POIs were very impressive and so too the wider contributions from the floor.

It was also great to see several members of the floor change their minds in the second telling, having heard something from either side to influence their views. Super to see 'active listening' in action!

The judges found in favour of St Philip's, with a marginal win in the 2nd debate.

The cup therefore is jointly held by WCCS & St Philip's for Summer Term 2022.

Well done all!

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