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Eaton House Belgravia School - 25th January

A wonderful and energetic club today. We reviewed the importance of body language and the boys were impressive with their recall of what had been discussed the week prior. We developed this further by talking about the importance of speaking with conviction.

We then turned to an unseen image, Diego Velazquez’s Woman Cooking Eggs c.1618, for a lively conversation about what the artist was trying to depict, why he might have chosen this subject, what might be happening beyond the canvas frame. This was contrasted by his work, Las Meninas 1956, where we delved into the complexities of the work and discovered that all might not be as it first appeared.

Bringing us back to the present day we debated whether Rishi Sunak not wearing his seatbelt is acceptable behaviour for the leader of our country. Opinions were divided whether he should be held to higher standards or if this was human error and mistakes could be forgiven, a strong argument was given that this could lead to more grievous crimes!

We ended, fittingly for the Socratic club, discussing Socrates’ quote “Life without experience and suffering is not life”, this complex saying was discussed with great maturity.

Well done all on an excellent session.

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