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Interview Workshop - 9th January

Happy New Year to all members of the Socratic club!

We were delighted to start 2022 with an Interview Workshop for both Junior and Senior members. We will be offering similar workshops in Essay Writing and Exam Revision as we approach the Summer exams.

The session covered classic 'trip-you-up' questions, top tips for interviews, how to 'hold oneself' with a particular focus on posture, eye-contact, not fiddling with papers during an interview, and remaining alert all the way until one leaves the room. We also looked at group format debating and how to build-on and impress following the comments made by another speaker.

In addition, to these tips and skills the group reviewed three unseen examples:

(1) Current affairs: the case of Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open

- for discussion and debate.

(2) A Propaganda cartoon '[At last a perfect solider]' by Robert Minor

- for analysis (historical and philosophical) and source reading.

(3) The Poem 'Ozymandias' by P. B. Shelley

- for comprehension and English analysis.

The group answered a quick round of Q&A exceptionally well and the discussion of (1-3) was at times exceptional, with some superb points and developed analysis and argumentation.

As part of the of event we discussed our top tips:

  1. Use the questions as an excuse to tell the interviewer about the things you are most proud of

  2. Show off!! Don’t be modest in the interview, this is your chance to show off.

  3. Be Positive. Interviewer’s want to see that you are happy and excited to be there so remember to be positive in everything you say and avoid negative words such as ‘I don’t like’.

  4. Remember the power of body language, practice smiling, sitting straight and looking the interviewer in the eye.

  5. Always try to answer the question. Sometimes you may not think you know the answer but but it is always more important to say something than to get the ‘right’ answer.

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