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Interview Workshop & Group Debating - 19th November

As interview season continues for 7/8+ and ISEB and school assessments are fast upon us, the Socratic club hosted a zoom interview and debating workshop for our members.

With group interviews increasingly important and keeping up concentration for assessment day, we were keen to test our members with plenty of complex questions and challenging debating topics over an extended period. It was great to see the quality of answers and questions - well done all!

In this session we we covered/worked on:

Core questions

Philosophical thinking questions

'Why School?' questions

Negative questions

Current affairs - from global topics to more local news

Unseen work: from texts to paintings and other images

Group interview questions

& Questions for the interviewer

In addition, we looked at challenging debating topics from climate change/global warming to whether the red poppy is the right symbol of remembrance to unseen work including images of Henry VIII and Charles II and the personalisation of monarchy.

Our key recommendations remain using mind-maps and extending answers to avoid prompting.

As ever 'detail' is the key to enhancing answers and providing unseen analysis.

It was very good to combine both individual and group work.

We will be hosting a further workshop specifically on interview work in January ... do look out for date/notifications. More details to follow soon.

Well done to all those present today!

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