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Kensington Wade School Debating & Interview Clubs - 20th & 24th May

We have had a great first half of the Summer term with our Debating & Interview Clubs at Kensington Wade. 

We have covered key skills and body language tips, including Active Listening, Persuasive Language and Structured Argumentation. We have introduced a debating competition format with proposition and opposition points, as well as worked on POIs and Summary speaking.  

Our warm up questions have involved both interview style and philosophical thinking questions - such as describing yourself in three words, should we continue to handwrite or just touch-type? Is Music more important than Sport? What is your favourite subject at school? 

The term has also seen regular newsround discussions - covering key current affairs from local and mayoral elections to environmental issues and a new royal portrait. 

We have had some fantastic debates with excellent proposition and opposition points, as well as contributions from the floor/and POIs. Our Motions have included amongst others, topics on travel, global warming, technology in sport and Space exploration. 

Much looking forward to our sessions post half term, not least given the news of a forthcoming General Election!

Well done all.

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