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Knightsbridge School - 19th October

With half term upon us, this was a good opportunity to reflect on key skills with our debating and interview club at Knightsbridge School. Conclusions and POIs dominated the skill section - with lots of very good questions from the group. As ever our newsround was very impressive - with a tremendous array of different topics and interests being shown. The group has been following the tragic news from the Israel & Gaza conflict as well as the war in Ukraine with detail and so too the comments from President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Well done all for keeping up with local and world affairs.

As a warm-up we looked at the interview question: 'what do you find most challenging at school?' - the key here is to avoid this becoming a negative response and use 'challenge' as the reason why the subject or activity is so enjoyable. From mathematics and problem solving to French vocabulary - the group quickly produced very encouraging answers.

Our main debating topic centred on the new coinage for Charles III, with a nod to sustainability and raising awareness for endangered species in the UK.

Here the group thought little of the larger numbers as an help for numeracy - seeing these as too simplistic, but a majority voted in favour of raising awareness for endangered species - from red squirrels to other flora and fauna.

It was great to see POIs being used and some very impressive rebuttal. Well done all.

Much looking forward to resuming our sessions after half term!

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