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Nimble Minds & The Socratic Club Workshop - 27th June 2023

As always it was a great pleasure to do a debating workshop with Nimble Minds and with such a talented group.

We began with warm-up work and a public speaking/interview question: 'what was my favourite achievement or moment from this term'? With particular emphasis on explaining why this was chosen. It was very good to see the use of 'because' without prompting and an array of sophisticated vocabulary and well vocalised responses with annunciation.

We then turned to our debating motions.

The first: 'This House would rather travel by train, ship or car, rather than by plane'.

The second: 'This House would like to have four shorter terms and shorter holidays'.

In both, it was wonderful to see an array of sophisticated arguments. In the first debate the problems of emissions, pollution and climate change were raised, balanced by the flexibility and speed of plane travel. We even had potential solutions in electric planes being raised.

Overall the motion was rejected. It was also very encouraging to see speakers using stories and examples/evidence to support their arguments.

In the second debate, the group saw both the pros and cons of the idea of shorter terms and holidays from more regular learning to not being too tired after a long term, balanced against the full-recharging and travel opportunities that a long holiday brings. In the end the motion was rejected.

Well done all on some superb debating and also excellent active listening skills!

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