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Socratic Club Source Analysis Workshop & Group Debating - 14th April

With Summer exams approaching and as part of our debating and interview work we held a special analysis workshop.

We focussed on exam technique, specifically source work. The group started the session looking at key elements that we should all consider in any big test or exam, before moving onto our first picture source of Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix. We had some very good discussion about this and learnt a huge amount about the work of art, just by looking at what was depicted, rather than knowing the history. We focussed on colour and composition, thinking about how to visually analyse a work of art.

We then used similar techniques, looking at the sculpture of Bourgeois’ spider sculpture, Maman and the Lloyds of London building, both of which received mixed reviews, with some changing their mind the more they explored the work.

Finally we looked at a piece of text by Prof. Simon Sharma about the Norman invasion and dissected the literature, breaking it down and establishing his argument, picking out key phrases,

The group finished off looking at two more works, Khalo’s Border of USA and Mexico and also Calatrava’s World Trade Centre Hub.

Students came up with some excellent points and showed their progression in developing visual analysis.

Well done all.

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