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St Andrew's School - 11th March

This was a tremendous session with our St Andrew's Debating & Interview Club. Our skill focus this week looked at Clarity and Simplicity in argumentation. 


Our warm-up question asked whether 'robots can replace teachers?'

The group argued that whilst technology could in the words of Sir Anthony Seldon, render traditional academic teaching all but redundant, it was, however, not able to provide the pastoral side, the emotional intelligence, or the experience to help students, particularly with differentiation. 

Our newsround was extremely impressive including reference to: the War in Ukraine, the Oscars and the media coverage of the Mothering Sunday photograph of the Princess of Wales and family.  

On the back of the budget and ministers questioning defence spending (or the absence of an announcement) the motion asked:

'This House would spend more on defence?'   

The majority of the group voted overwhelmingly in favour - given the uncertain world of the present - with conflicts in the Middle East and War in Ukraine - arguing that the UK needed to be ready and better prepared. The opposition whilst agreeing that defence spending was important, felt that healthcare and education mattered more and that these were greater priorities. 

Well done all on such excellent contributions. 

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