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St Andrew's School - 6th October

We were enormously impressed by St. Andrew’s who held two debates today. The arguments presented were done so with conviction and using thoughtful points.

An initial recap of everything we have covered so far demonstrated that the students have a good grasp of the fundamentals of debating.

We launched straight into a debate about Art vs. Science. After a case for Science was put forward with a powerful argument by team “Cuba”, an impassioned rebuttal was given by team “Japan”. Both sides continued to take turns presenting their cause using evidence and questions.

After this we discussed COP 27 and whether it was right for the Prime Minister to tell the King not to attend. We looked at the weight of historical precedence and the importance of experience. The teams then put forward two speakers each to debate if the King should have made the decision to attend.

Our first foray debating as a team was a success and we are looking forward to working on this more in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to all on an excellent session!

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