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St Andrew's School - 8th December

For our final session of term, we began with a recapitulation of the skills covered this term. The 'recall' from the group was tremendous - from the importance of body language, presentation skills, evidence based argumentation to active listening and POIs. This was great to see and hear.

We then turned to a discussion on the protests in Iran and the actions of the morality police there. Our debate centred around the motion, 'should the protests continue even beyond a disbanding of the morality police?'

Many in the group felt that more protests would see a greater loss of life, whilst others thought that the protesters should carry on for greater freedoms, women's rights, and even regime change. 'Unity' was a key word referenced as well as some wonderfully passionate speeches on the rights of women and equality.

Our second debate involved the recent industrial action and the strikes from trains, to tube, to royal mail, to Heathrow staff, nurses and passport checks. We asked, 'should strikes be allowed over Christmas?'

The vote remained evenly split at 50%/50%.

Many felt the workers had little option and had to exert maximum pressure and attention from the Government, whilst others thought it was selfish to spoil this important time of year for families. The context of the cost of living played an important role in the discussion, along with inflationary pressures. It was a fascinating and impressively argued debate.

Well done all this term for the superb progress made and the tremendous debating!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and we look forward to catching up in 2023!

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