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St. Kitts International Academy Debating & Public Speaking Club - 16th April

It was great to catch up with our SKI Debating & Public Speaking Club post the Easter holidays.

Our skill focus this week looked at interview style questions from:

(i) Describing yourself in 3 words; to (ii) favourite subjects at school; and (iii) Highlights from the Easter break - from family time, to a visit to the Nevis Hot Springs, and travel to Universal Studios and discovering Harry Potter. 

On favourite subjects we saw a mix of IT, Social studies and Science. 

Our newsround saw the Solar Eclipse feature and we touched on events in the Middle East.

We then turned to three debates:

(i) Our first on the motion: 'This House would abolish cash'.

The group divided over the issue with arguments in favour of practicality, budgeting, travel; against those wishing to tackle crime and cash related fraud and tax avoidance.

Voting remained split at the second telling. 

(ii) For our second debate we turned to question of 'How to measure success for a country?'

Here it was felt (unanimously) that happiness in a Finland model was the best way to measure success, rather than economic output. The two often went hand-in-hand, but happiness was seen as the key. 

(iii) For our final debate, we discussed the BBC Newsround question of 'why we take photos of animals?' and moved to a motion on whether we should 'ban cameras for special occasions'. 

Those in favour felt that cameras (and iPhones) disrupt the experience and can spoil the moment, whilst opposing the motion we saw arguments in favour of capturing precious memories for posterity. 

A super session back! Well done all. 

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