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St Philip’s School - 10th October

It was great to see the progress being made by our St Philip's debating club and how far so many have come in terms of engaging with the news/world around them - with a full showing of hands at the start of the session for contributions. We discussed an array of topics including: The Labour party conference in Liverpool, the utterly tragic news from Israel and Gaza, the war in Ukraine, and sporting fixtures and world cups. In addition we touched on the earthquakes in Afghanistan and what the international community might do to help.

Our key skills this week involved team work and anticipating the arguments of the proposition/opposition. Well done to those that then incorporated these points into their arguments. This is all part of edification towards a competition at the end of term.

Our debates involved two topics:

(1) An unseen piece (with interviews in mind) - Charles I in Three Positions by van Dyck and what makes a good leader?

What skills? Should they be feared (in Machiavellian sense) or kind? Should they have a complex personality?

It led to a fascinating group discussion.

(2) 'Is Keir Starmer's plan to pay doctors and nurses (below private rates) to work at weekends the right one to help with the waiting list/backlog of the NHS?'

The proposition pointed out that anything to improve the position was a good one and that this was a step in the right direction. The opposition already pointed out a rota system, and that this plan would work so much better if it had equal pay to the private sector. Concerns were made across the board for family time and burnout given that it was argued medics are already overworked within the NHS.

Voting after both tellings fell roughly 50/50 with a strong contingent undecided.

Well done all!

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