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The Courtauld Gallery Museum Tour - 12th March

We were delighted to continue our events programme for the Socratic Club with a guided tour of the remarkable Courtauld Gallery.

It was amazing to learn about the history of this priceless collection - including inter alia medieval, renaissance, impressionist and postmodern gems.

We were thrilled to see the group engage so enthusiastically in identifying special objects and paintings and in their impressive questions throughout the tour. From Botticelli, to Rubens, van Gogh, and the incredible Cézanne collection - our budding collectors and artists delved into and observed these wonderful works with great interest.

Following the tour, we split into groups focussing on special themes, from cost, to country of origin, religious artworks, female artists, and military settings amongst others. We then reviewed each others work - leading to further excellent group discussion.

The event ended with a superb mini-debate on the merits of investing in Art, against other priorities such as the cost of living and NHS care. The group split evenly in both tellings of our vote, but it was a superb debate - showcasing how much had been learnt across the day.

Well done all and we much look forward to our next event.


'I know of nothing which, without exhausting the boy more entirely absorbs the mind'. (Winston S. Churchill, Painting as a Pastime)

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