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The Socratic Club - 14th May

An excellent Socratic club this weekend saw us reflect on the Coronation, and to two current affairs topics dominating recent Newsround headlines - electric bikes and pesticides.

We began by reviewing how our members had spent their Coronation Bank Holiday Weekends - this ranged from street parties, to television viewing, holidays and sports. Some even made or purchased items relating to this regal occasion. We questioned the cost, and purpose - but overall the group felt it was a success and showcased Britain to the world in a positive way. We then turned to a debate on monarchy itself - should Britain again be a Republic? (as briefly 1649-1660) and have a Presidency? Here the voting was overwhelmingly in favour of the status quo (90%/10%). Not so much as outright support but rather because 'the system seems to have worked' as one member put it and 'rocking the apple-cart for a US style system' with all of the ongoing problems of the US or indeed France, does not seem 'terribly sensible'.

Following this debate we asked whether pesticides should be banned? Given problems for pollinators and the desire from many to move to a more organic system, this was a great discussion.

Finally, we turned to the topic of electric bikes which neatly split our voting 50%/50% at both tellings. Safety, being green and the need for speed all played their roles in this fascinating debate of the future.

Well done all on some superb debating and argumentation!

We much look forward to the next sessions.

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