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Speaker Session - Admiral Michael D. Haskins - 29th January

We were delighted and privileged to host Admiral Michael D. Haskins as our speaker for our 'speaker session' of this Lent term.

Admiral Haskins is a retired Vice Admiral from the United States Navy who was appointed Naval Inspector General in 2000. From 26 September 2001 until his retirement on 1 January 2003, he was U.S. naval aviation's Gray Eagle. Please find more info on Admiral Haskins here:

Admiral Mike spoke about his experiences in the Navy, his life as a pilot and achieving his 'wings' and the challenges of war and conflict, from Vietnam to Kosovo. His stories of covering Russian submarines in the Cold War and the risk of nuclear conflict were extraordinary! He also provided some wonderful life lessons in managing and respecting people, whether on an aircraft carrier, or on land - in armed services and non-military settings. The Admiral also discussed geo-politics and the question of supplying greater arms to Ukraine - highlighting that it was not just machinery but complex training that would be needed too. He also pointed out that the next step would be fighter jets and that would be an even more challenging discussion.

Questions from members were outstanding and made for a most riveting Q&A.

During the session we asked our group (Senior and Junior members) if they would like to join the armed services: 27% said yes; 60% said maybe; and just 13% said no. It will be fascinating to see what happens in due course!

After the speaker session element, we turned to a debate on whether the West should supply Ukraine with modern tanks. In the first vote, 62% were in favour, but this turned in the second telling to an event split. The group was desperately concerned about not escalating the conflict, whilst at the same time providing Ukraine with as much help as possible.

The debate will continue this coming weekend! Well done all!

Lent Term Dates 2023

Socratic Club & Special Workshops

15th January

Hybrid Interview Workshop & Group Debating

(In Person & via zoom)

(Junior and Senior) (10:30 am)

22nd January

Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

29th January

Speaker Session

with special guest Admiral Mike Haskins (US Navy)

Junior Group & Senior Group (4 pm)

5th February

Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

19th February

(Bring a friend)

Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

5th March

Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

12th March

Courtauld Gallery Tour

(In Person)

(Junior and Senior) (11 am)

19th March

Junior Group (11 am)/Senior Group (4 pm)

16th April

Hybrid Revision & Exam Technique Workshop

(In Person & via zoom)

(Junior and Senior) (10:30 am)

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