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WCCS vs St Philip's: Interschool Debating Competition - 26th June 2023

The annual debating competition for the Socratic Cup between WCCS and St Philip’s saw a tremendous debate of sophisticated argumentation from both schools.

We were hugely impressed with the set-piece individual speeches as well as contributions from the floor. POIs and the summaries also added to the occasion – with a very closely fought contest.

The Motion: ‘This House thinks we have too much technology in our lives’. WCCS took the role of Proposition; St Philip’s the Opposition. Neither side knew which side they would be on until the debate itself, so the arguments made and shown were all the more commendable. It was great to see ‘thinking on the spot’ and active listening and engaging with the points being made as the debate progressed. It was also very good to find our workshop session emphasis on stories, evidence and rhetorical questions being applied during the debate.

St Philip’s won the close contest, showing excellent teamwork and homogeneity of argumentation.

Well done all on a superb morning of debating.

The contest is therefore 1:1 with WCCS having won in 2022. We much look forward to the next competition!

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