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Workshop: Nimble minds - 17th May

We were delighted to team up again with Nimble Minds for a debating workshop. The session combined working on key public speaking skills with two formal debates. We began the workshop focussing on two skills: how to improve body language/presentation when speaking; and how to project one’s voice – with volume and annunciation. Each speaker then presented on a sport of their choice as a topic of interest and practiced the new techniques covered.

We then turned to two debating topics:

· ‘This House would ban the use of petrol cars and only use electric’.

· ‘This House would only travel on holiday this summer by plane’.

The group split into two teams to discuss each motion, before each team member presented to the wider group with a speech for each debate and both debates involved a vote too.

The electric cars had it in the first telling; whilst planes won the day in the second.

We were hugely impressed with the quality of argumentation and confident public speaking on display.

Well done all!

We much look forward to further workshops with such talented students.

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