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Yiannis Vassilakis – Creative industries – BBC & Sky

This week our Zoom Speaker session saw a focus on the world of television, radio and film with the creative industries being delved into.

Our speaker was Yiannis Vassilakis (King's Scholar at Eton College; and London University graduate) who talked about his life as a writer and producer of scripts and short films for brands and broadcasters alike. He has worked for BBC, Endemol-Shine, and Sky; written award-winning branded content for Google, Nationwide and the Department of Health (amongst others), and recently created the sitcom ‘Content’, broadcast on TV’s London Live.

The group 'grilled' our guest speaker on the role of creative industries, what he did, how he enjoyed it, what the BBC and Sky were like. Many expressed an interest in being global reporters and the opportunity to travel. Others already indicated that they had Youtube channels, loved acting or script writing and found that world fascinating. Questions were extremely impressive.

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