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American School in London - 24th April

In today’s session we started out by discussing recent news topics, covering the situation in the Middle East and the upcoming London Mayoral elections. We then went into some discussion into what the mayor does for London and what we would do if we were in that position.

As a mock interview question, all students were individually asked what their goal was this term. Students were pushed into giving slightly more detail to their answers, in addition to explaining their answer fully.

Our debate this week was focused on whether public transport should be autonomous, and all students were given personal feedback on where their structure could be developed, with a few needing to remember to give further explanation when putting forward their argument. This led to a lively discussion with most at the end deciding that whilst they agree it may happen in the future, they do not feel they want it now.

We spent 15 minutes at the end of the session looking at the National Gallery’s ‘Arnolfini Portrait’ as a blind source. Students were encouraged to ‘say what they see’ and pick out individual elements from the work and try and understand what is going on.

Rayan and Jacob won Prime Ministers of the week this week with their great contributions and development.

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