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American School in London - 27th March

We had a great session this week prior to students going away for their Easter break.

We started by discussing what we had read about in the news. This will often be a starting point in our sessions, and we encourage students to engage with what is happening around the world and bring a variety of news reports to the class. This week, we looked at the tragic incidents that happened in both Baltimore and at the Moscow concert Hall before discussing the upcoming local elections and how rules have now changed with I.D needed.

This led us into a lively debate, where we looked at whether voting age should be raised to 21, with some great comments made about the number of responsibilities that you have at that age and also the maturity that is needed to vote.

Our focus this week was body language and we spent some time discussing the various things one needs to think about when public speaking. Having done a small exercise practicing this, by stating what our favourite sandwich was (clearly Joe and Juice is a firm favourite…), we went into a lively discussion on whether sport in schools should be mandatory or not. Most agreed it should be, but some excellent points were raised regarding disabilities and how comfortable some people may feel. It was great to see students starting to include examples and stories when stating their points, enhancing their argument.

Overall, a super session, with Prime Minister of the week awarded to Ela and Rania for their input during the debates, focusing on the motion and their body language.

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