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American School Of London - 8th May

In today’s session we started out by discussing the recent London mayoral elections. We looked at the key policies of the different parties, including that of Count Binface, talking about the reasoning behind this satirical politician. We then discussed Eurovision and why it exists, before chatting about the Met gala and the issues that are potentially coming out of it with regards to body issues, particularly in younger women.

Our interview question was asking students about which book they had recently read and enjoyed, with focus on detail and explanation. A wide variety was chosen, including thrillers, graphic novels and non-fiction, with students showed increased skills in improving their dialogue when given such a question.

The main focus today was on ensuring they structured their debates well, listing their key points. Some students convincingly did so, including Rania and Rida both of whom were awarded Prime Minister of the week. The debate was based around whether the monarchy should still exist, with some strong points made by both sides, including arguments such as age of voter preference, tourism and the charitable work that they do.

Finally we had a discussion about whether school uniform should be implemented (a firm ‘no’ was made clear by all!) However, the majority had been to uniformed schools beforehand and could discuss with ease as to why there were certainly positives to it.

A great session, with many pupils showing improved confidence!

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