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St Andrew's School - 13th November

What a fantastic session with our St Andrew's Debating & Interview club this week!

Our session took on what was an already fast moving debate on the news of the day following the sacking of the Home Secretary and the appointment of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary but in the House of Lords. Events Events had certainly stimulated all and showed just how engaged the group has become with current affairs. Well done!

Whilst many were split during our first vote on the merits of a House of Lords appointment for the cabinet, i.e. someone the public had not voted for as an MP, with points being made in favour of experience, flexibility for the Prime Minister and tradition; at the second telling the 'democratic deficit' of such a decision weighed heavy and the group voted overwhelmingly that this was a bad idea and the Foreign Secretary should come from the House of Commons. It was great to see active listening and engagement across the class/group.

Our skill of the week looked at how to avoid negativity in interview responses and trying to keep things positive during a debate.

Then on the back of the Armistice Day, we asked whether the Red Poppy remains the right symbol of remembrance. We looked at the purple poppy for those animals lost in conflict as an alternative symbol or additional one. The overwhelming majority were in favour of keeping the Red Poppy - from tradition, to the WWI battlefield legacy, it was felt it matched and suited the occasion and should be retained.

We then turned to our final debating discussion of the session on the question: 'How can we avoid further conflict and war?'

This was an outstanding round-table taking in inter alia: compromise, fairness, pre-empting conflict, talking/communication, celebrating differences/uniqueness, and being realistic to the problems of the world.

Well done all on such a superb session!

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