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Exam Technique & Revision Workshop - 16th April

It was great to catch up with our membership for an exam technique and revision workshop. The workshop was designed to provide students with the key skills to support their exam preparation and revision to maximise their performance on the day with upcoming summer assessments and exams. The session was divided into three parts. (i) We began by focussing on revision technique, discussing how to create and use effective revision timetables and mind maps along with top tips for revision success. We also looked at memory techniques and how to colour code productively to enhance notes. (ii) Our second section of the day centred on the exam itself with discussion of how to manage your time during the exam, how to think like an examiner and top tips for success on the day. We looked at question structures, mark schemes and presentation skills. (iii) In the final part of our session, we looked at stress management and mental wellbeing during the exam season. Something often overlooked in a school setting. We discussed tips and best practices for staying healthy and calm during revision, and the build-up to these assessments - from classical music to sporting activities. We were delighted with the focus and energy of our students and greatly look forward to the next workshop event. Wishing everyone the best of luck with their forthcoming exams and assessments!

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