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Isabella Inchbald – Acting & Radio

We were delighted to welcome the highly acclaimed young actress Isabella Inchbald to the Socratic Club as part of our speaker series. The focus of the session was on communication and how to improve various skills involved, from eye contact, to hand gestures, to the tone and annunciation used of one's voice and words used. Issy put the group through various games to challenge them to speak on the spot and to explain the different skill sets. We had an extensive Q&A, with questions on BBC radio acting, to working with famous Harry Potter actors to how to approach a new acting role and how to prepare. As ever questions from the floor were exceptionally impressive.

Having won the Carleton Hobbs award in 2017, Isabella joined BBC Radio Drama for 5 months and was in over 30 productions for Radio 4. She has continued her voice work in commercials, audiobooks, video games, and as Austen’s 'Emma', alongside Emma Thompson, for Audible. She performs across stage and screen, and had her TV debut as Bridget in the sitcom 'Content' on London Live earlier this year. She is due to record a new BBC Radio mini series this month.

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