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Knightsbridge School - 19th January

Another really impressive session with our Knightsbridge School Debating and Interview group.

This time we tackled key skills in presentations, and how to make more compelling arguments with evidence, stories and rhetorical questions. The group grasped the latter in particular with great success.

Following a warm-up exercise we also covered the format for formal debating and how to make a Point of Information.

We then moved to a round-up of the weekly news - here our club members can benefit from delving into First News and The Week Junior to bring themselves up to speed on world events.

For our debating discussions we asked if the Biden Presidency could survive the classified document scandal? Was Prince Harry right to go public on his views? Is Rishi Sunak being sensible to press-on with the levelling up agenda? And we ended with two more seasonal topics - should we ban plastic Christmas trees or the cutting down of Christmas trees? & How to make New Year's Resolutions (that we can keep!).

It was an excellent discussion and debating session, with some tremendous points made.

Well done all!

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