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Knightsbridge School - 23rd March

This was a great end of term session and it was very good to recap on skills learnt this term, and how to make and tackle Points of Information to strengthen the proposition/opposition position and argument.

As is now customary we began with a newsround-up (as requested by the group). This covered the China-Russia state visit; the Willow Project; Riots in France; and the Cost of Living crisis in the UK. We also looked at the Willow project - this led to our first debate:

  • 'This House believes that President Biden is right to go ahead with the Willow project to protect America's oil supply'.

The group could see many of the arguments in favour - from jobs, protectionism in an age of global conflict and the fact that demand remains high for oil products even when considering the impact on the planet. That said, the motion was rejected overwhelmingly at both tellings. The opposition pressed home the environmental arguments very strongly and this captured the imagination of the group - not least a concern for Polar bears and other species.

We then turned to a roundtable discussion/debate on HS2 - and 'whether it is wise to delay a project to save costs?'

Here the group voted unanimously that this was a white elephant of a project and now not producing a return that justified further tax payers money being spent. The old adage of spending good money after bad was referenced. There was also concern that the train would not provide a service that would be needed in the 2030s, given that many people are now not using the train service and the world of zoom had changed business habits/working.

Overall a fascinating end of term session! Well done all for a wonderful set of debates this term and we look forward to resuming after the holidays.

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