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Speaker Session - George Dzavaryan - Entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We were delighted to welcome George Dzavaryan to the Socratic Club for a fascinating talk on his projects - from prosthetic hands to PPE and supporting not only the NHS, but also other healthcare systems around the world, from Armenia to Uganda.

George led us through the idea and concept, the research, the marketing and fundraising, to fruition and completion of the project. As ever questions were most impressive from the group - including challenging George on whether he might consider taking his business 'public' - to what steps he would follow for developing new plans. It seems we have a number of budding entrepreneurs too - equally keen to come up with their own ideas.

The debate continued after the Q&A with George, with a focus on the motion:

'This House would make everyone wear face-masks' - the topic was geared at a potential compulsory or mandatory law.

Before the discussion and debate the first poll - produced a 90% vote in favour of wearing masks. By the end of a very well argued debate, the vote had moved to 60%-40% - a substantive swing and showed just how well the group not only conveys their arguments, but also listens to others. Many felt that the motion needed to be narrowed to specific circumstances, whilst others felt that face shields might have had their vote, but not face masks as they were less effective. Others felt that if it made only a small fraction of a difference, then it was still worth doing so, if it saved lives.

More details on George:

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