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Nimble Minds & The Socratic Club Workshop - 11th October

It was a great pleasure to work again with Nimble Minds on a debating workshop.

The group had some very impressive speakers with excellent confidence for their age.

The session began with a body language and debating skills task. It was very good to see the engagement and enthusiasm of the group.

This was followed by an exercise in how to identify and use facts and information effectively.

We were delighted with the various contributions made and examples given.

We then turned to our debate of the day on the motion: 'This House would only use electric cars'.

The group split into proposition and opposition, with the proposition proposing the use of electric cars - with arguments ranging from helping the environment to pollution and air quality, and to efficiency. The opposition fought the more difficult battle - arguing strongly against the cost of this change and pointing out the difficulties involved with charging capacity and the absence of a recyclable electric car battery. The debate was narrowly awarded to the proposition.

A most enjoyable session - well done all!

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