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Nimble Minds & The Socratic Club Workshop - 24th October 2023

It was great to do another debating workshop with Nimble Minds.

This term we interwove debating topics with interview skills.

As a warm-up we asked each pupil if they had the power of the Mayor of London, what they would do/or change in London? This included excellent examples from solar panels to more trees and additional or different transport links/roads.

We also looked at their favourite hobby - with an emphasis on explaining 'why' with detail/examples.

We then turned to three debating motions:

(i) This house would ban homework (This was split evenly);

(ii) This house would ban plane travel to help the planet (The motion was rejected overwhelmingly at both tellings);

and on the back of the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's plan

(iii) This house thinks that Mathematics is more important than English (This was again split, but with a majority in favour of English).

Throughout the session we discussed the importance of justifying answers, and active listening - in order to help with rebuttal and responding to points.

Well done all for such a thought provoking session.

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