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St Andrew's School - 17th November

Another very encouraging session with our St Andrew's debating club group.

The focus of this session: conclusions and summaries.

We were delighted with the marked improvement in both individual speeches and in summary speeches, as well as excellent use of hand gestures and body language. In the conclusions we very much liked the skills being shown of ending on a positive note, to reflecting on the key points of either the proposition or opposition.

On the back of 100 years of the BBC, our debate this week turned to whether we should keep the TV license, the motion:

'This House would keep the Television License'.

Both sides spoke with great promise and at times thorough conviction - some referencing the jobs at stake and painting a story of that, others looking at the shipping forecast and BBC world service; whilst the opposition made a spirited effort to point out that it appeared unfair to those that did not use services that they nevertheless still had to pay for them.

In the end following both tellings the majority (80%) were in favour of keeping the license.

Next week we will turn to POIs and using rebuttal during a speech.

Excellent debating this week - well done all!

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