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St Andrew's School - 19th January

As we have a number of new members joining us this term we used the majority of our first session to review the core skills and techniques that we will look to develop throughout future sessions, these include the effective use of evidence, stories and questions to create compelling arguments as well as the importance of body language and how to present oneself with confidence.

It was very positive to see great engagement in this discussion from both new and old members and this formed an excellent starting point for future sessions.

In the latter half of the session we held our first debate, on the topic of whether or not Prince Harry should have published his biography ‘Spare’? This was a very lively debate with some strong opinions on both sides, with both our pre and post-debate polls very evenly split, with a slight lean towards a view that he should not have published.

Following the debate we had brief discussion on the arguments and how they could be further developed, with students providing positive and constructive points for each other, a valuable exercise and handled with great maturity by all.

We look forward to our next session where will discuss ‘speaking with conviction’ and further develop our discussion on how to effectively use evidence.

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