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St Andrew's School - 22nd April

It was great to catch up with our St Andrew's Debating & Public Speaking Club post the Easter holidays and to see many familiar faces and meet a number of new members of the group too. 

Our skill focus this week looked at Explanation - and the combination of Point, Evidence and Explanation. 

For our warm up we then turned to our interview style question with an emphasis on 'why'?:

What were your highlights from the Easter break? - from family time, to travel at home and abroad including Cornwall, Iceland, Wales, the Seychelles, Canary Islands, and Australia, to a Germany school trip including the history of Berlin, sporting competitions with tennis football and skiing; and museum visits with the poignant/moving Anne Frank museum (House). 

Our newsround saw the Solar Eclipse feature and we touched on events in the Middle East, the forthcoming election in the US and local elections in the UK. We encouraged the group to engage with First News and The Week Junior. 

We then turned to our debate on the back of new bank notes being presented to King Charles III by the Andrew Bailey Governor of the Bank of England (to be released to the public in June):

The motion: 'This House would abolish cash'.

The group divided over the issue with arguments in favour of practicality, budgeting, travel; against those wishing to tackle crime and cash related fraud and tax avoidance.

Voting was relatively divided throughout, with nevertheless, a majority at both tellings wishing to retain cash. 

It was a great debate and we also saw some excellent structure and use of rhetorical questions. 

Well done all!

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