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St Andrew's School - 22nd September

This was another session full of impressive points and arguments from St Andrew's.

We began with a recapitulation of presentation skills before looking at what makes an argument more compelling.

The focus being on:

  • Evidence

  • Stories

  • Questions

Each student provided an example/case study of each.

We discussed what to trust and which news and newspapers to look at.

We encouraged students to look at differing % and financial costs for child poverty and Global Warming/climate disasters.

We then applied these skills to a debate on the Cost of Living Crisis and Global Warming. Which is more important?

The Cost of Living was seen as more important in the first vote (75%/25%); with a swing towards Global Warming in the second telling - with the group balanced (50%/50%).

It was great to see active listening and members being persuaded by hearing a well articulated argument from another in the group.

Well done all!

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