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St Andrew's School - 23rd February

Another great session with our students at StAndrew's with some excellent discussion and debating all round.

We began by discussing our ‘skill of the week’, in this case how to effectively anticipate and counter the oppositions arguments. This proved to be a very lively discussion and I was very impressed by the level of engagement and the quality of the points made by the students.

Following this we moved into our debating topic of the day. Inspired by the recent resignation of Nicola Sturgeon we discussed Scottish independence and whether or not there should be another Referendum on the topic. As always we began with a general discussion in which we try to encourage students to recognise and evaluate both sides of the question before dividing into teams to debate the topic.

This week saw some very strong performances with students incorporating evidence, rhetorical questions and effective use of teamwork, in which the proposition, those in favour of Scottish independence, were able to narrowly turn the opinion of the wider group in their favour.

Overall a very good session, well done all!

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