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St Andrew's School - 24th November

This week we began our session as 11/13+ interview season approaches with a classic question of late: ‘tell us something interesting about you; and then something interesting about the world?’

It was great to see the wide ranging responses, highlighting the talents of the group from sport to academia as well as extra-curricular hobbies and music. It was also wonderful to see so many answers incorporating public speaking skills covered this term - from evidence based explanations and arguments to stories and rhetorical devices.

We then turned to our skill of the week and that of Points of information (POIs) - how to use them and how to respond to them in a debate.

Our motion of the week was on the back of the football World Cup in Qatar and whether:

‘This House thinks that sport should be political?’

We also looked at the Sochi and Beijing Olympics for context.

The group voted in a small majority for the politicisation of sport - as an opportunity to raise awareness - whether that be of women’s rights in the Arab world or the plight of migrant workers or the silencing of footballers to wear armbands as in the German team example.

By contrast the opposition argued that sport should also be about sport and not whether beer is sold or different views are held in different countries on values and ethics.

Both sides responded well to the use of POIs.

It was a fascinating debate! Excellent debating from all.

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