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St Andrew's School - 4th March

This was another excellent session with our St Andrew's Debating & Interview Club. Our skill focus this week looked at Rebuttal and how to respond to the arguments of an opposing team with active listening, evidence and POIs.


With the budget just around the corner, our warm up question asked:

'If you were either the Prime Minister or the Chancellor of the Exchequer what would be your top priority and why?'

The group gave a fascinating selection including:

Halving inflation



Dealing with Strikes

Helping with the Environment and Climate Change

Growing business / the wider economy

Safety, Security and Defense.

Our newsround was extremely impressive including reference to: the War in Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza, events in the House of Commons and Rishi Sunak's speech outside Downing Street, Football results, Knife crime and Security more generally. 

With the budget in mind our motion of the day looked at one of the proposed plans of the Treasury, to tax business class flights further, in order to free up funds to spend on other things or provide a tax cut. The motion asked:

'Should Business Class Flights be Taxed more?'   

Voting began roughly 1/3 in favour; a 1/3 against; and 1/3 undecided. At the second telling a majority rejected the motion, but only narrowly. 

Those against the motion disliked the attack on business, when it was argued the priority should be helping business grow and thereby generating more for the wider economy. Others felt that 'private jets' should be targeted, rather than commercial airlines. On the proposition side, many felt that business can afford it, and crucially this could potentially help the environment as business class flights carry a high carbon footprint. 

It was an impressive debate with some very promising rebuttal, POIs and active listening. Let us see what happens in the House of Commons in just a few days time ...

Well done St Andrew's!

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